It is you who sees the beginning and end

You are the all knowing one

You are also all powerful

I know you can hear me

Let these words not land outside those ears

I have a running desire

Like rivers which ebb up and down in flow

I desire to be where I was two years ago

This year marks the beginning of three

I can now only imagine the growth of my heart,

the experience gained, and the relationships made

It is only an imagination though

It is not real

I desire not to be where I am now

Is this desire wrong of my heart?

Then, Lord, pull it out!

Why allow me to wrestle with it?

Do you wish I wrestle and battle, so that I steal, kill, and covet?

My desire seems two faced

Honorable in its intention, but loathsome when unfulfilled

Grant my thirst in your water, not my blood thirst

Grow in me another desire to persevere

Allow a spirit of contentment to rule

Be a spirit of willingness to stay

May peace reign, not chaos

Submit my desires to yours

Let grace move my actions

Not let pride smear the way

It is you and only you

May not the desire undo it