You alone Lord are Almighty, it is you who shapes and forms man

I confess that I struggle to connect this truth to my heart

It is my heart that cries out against you.  Shaking its fist like Israel

The clay shouts why have you made me, this life, in this way?

Oh how I have forgotten that you are the potter

I am like Israel, stiff necked and blind.  Remind of me of your mercy and grace–break off these chains that I slip back on every day!

I forget that you, Lord, give what you desire and withhold in accordance to your will

Grant me the peace to trust you in that.  Do not let my heart be harden, drifting away from your presence

It is you who calls the sun up and lets the rain come down.  You alone call for the stars to guide us in the sleep of day

Holy Spirit, do not let distrust and pride keep me from you.

Draw me to yourself, grant the longing and thirst for your Word.  Be near, O God, be all so near

I fear that I wonder in the dessert, as you wait for my trust to connect to faith.  I fear that the promise land is a dream unfounded

Speak into my heart your love that redeems.  Remind my spirit your righteousness is given by the grace of the King

Compel me to believe that you have more for me.  Build hope that I may cling to your promises.  You are love, the great priest of my salvation

You alone are spirit who takes my weakness and builds a kingdom.  It is you who imprints your words on the hearts of men.  May I be a vessel of your righteousness, a voice calling others to you

May it be that you turn my heart to your holiness and energize the work of my hands

To you be the glory for ever and ever, Amen