Do you God not see?

You witness my pain, frustration, and need!

Is not your Holy Spirit within me?

What action have I done to grieve your Spirit?

Can I not hear your whispers?

The vision I once had is but steam that has blown away

What now do I do?

What of the desires that lay dormant in the floor of my soul?

Can you not raise them?

Surely you can raise them!

For you raised your Son from the dead!

You O God of Israel, are the one whom I seek an answer

You O God are the light that shines in darkness

I beg for that light to shine in me

May you correct my faulty wiring—transform this adulterous heart!

Bring a new vision, restore your desires within me

Only you—the Almighty can save me

Save me then from the confused well of self

Break the lies that sow distrust and unbelief

Cause my heart to be yours

Surely it is what you desire for me

Be glorified then in me—be seen in me

May it be that you are known

Let my thoughts be aligned with yours

May my heart be preserved by yours

Forever Almighty and Always God, the Risen One, be praised